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These are a few of my favorite steampunk books

Quantum Frontiers

As a physicist, one grows used to answering audience questions at the end of a talk one presents. As a quantum physicist, one grows used to answering questions about futuristic technologies. As a quantum-steampunk physicist, one grows used to the question “Which are your favorite steampunk books?”

Literary Hub has now published my answer.

According to its website, “Literary Hub is an organizing principle in the service of literary culture, a single, trusted, daily source for all the news, ideas and richness of contemporary literary life. There is more great literary content online than ever before, but it is scattered, easily lost—with the help of its editorial partners, Lit Hub is a sitereaders can relyon for smart, engaged, entertaining writing about all things books.”

My article, “Five best books about the romance of Victorian science,” appeared there last week. You’ll find fiction, nonfiction as imaginative as fiction, and crossings…

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My opinion is in a messy box
It used to follow a sect of duck-trines in that same box
Duck-trines groomed in the form of a spider
It was caught in the spider’s web which wilt wider
It nursed the spider’s eggs
And attended to the in-sect corpses itself
Totally appending to the spider’s crane
It used to

But before that
My opinion used to love the rain
She got drenched one day
And cold she turned away
From that day, never to go out again
In a web to remain
To be intrinsically safe, warm and sane
But was she

Was she really sane
Nursing babies
Attending to corpses
Appending to cranes
All she wanted was to be free
Even if it meant to stand in the rain
She would rather be drenched with glee
‘It’ was ‘she’

‘She’ became ‘it’ as a tool in a box
She became one with a spider as a boss
She came to a heart when there was nothing but a messy box before her eyes
To run or to hide, but to stay was not an option, as the box was hers
So she swooshed and she swashed
With a broom held in the palms of her hands
And she gave only one reason
Now, she sees

Poetry in Pottery 2

Christ a poet


I held each piece in my palms, one piece at a time as if examining each piece.

“Read it out loud, ” said the potter. “what good is poetry if it is not read out loud? ” Scoffing he added, “It is no prose! ”

I picked one piece up and aloud I read :

Some things I’m going to do today
I’m going to look back tomorrow
And find them funny

Then I’ll ask God, why do I find these things funny?
And He’ll reply, ”You’re okay”
“Hmmm,” said the potter, urging me on.

I picked up another piece and again aloud I read :
Every child leaves a signature behind
A mark that says they were once here
That they had grown up there

Being upset over a child staining a sheet for example
Is as empty as getting furious over the natural order of things

haha “You…

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Poetry in Pottery

Christ a poet

I went to the potter’s house today ( not the one up for sale :D)

When I got in, the potter welcomed me and I got to see around. Then he set colorful pots before me.

“Poetry in clay jars”, he had said.

Poetry? Was being presented to me? In clay jars? images-1I watched him set them and I found they were in the order of the colors of the rainbow. I marveled as the white light shone on them and yet they reflected different colors. (1 Corinthians 12:14)

“Select one.”

I pointed at the one I selected. I’d chosen the yellow pot.

“The Yellow Poet”, he said smiling.

The pot was suddenly raised before me and left to hit the ground in a ‘thud’. I shrieked, “But why!”

“Take a look at the jagged pieces. You’ll see how God’s strength is shown in our weaknesses.”

So I looked on…

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EverydayJesus Hates the Dark!

Christ a poet

Love Life; hate Darkness!

Love is light; hate is darkness.

Walking in love is light; walking in hate is darkness.

Walking in love is walking in light; walking in hate is walking in darkness.

Loving gives light; hating gives darkness.

Love makes you see; hate makes you blind

Love gives you enough light to see the best in your brother; hate gives you enough darkness not to see the good in your brother.

When you see, you do not stumble; when you are blind you stumble.

The Mutant sees because he has light; the world do not see because they have darkness.

Mutants are lights because they see and give sight; the world is dark because they do not see, and do give blindness.

Love is Life; hate is death

The Mutant is alive; the world is dead.

Love to live; hate to die

The Mutant loves because they are…

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Eating Chocolate Can Improve Math Skills


chocolate-heartEating chocolate could improve the brain’s ability to do math, a new study suggests.

Mental arithmetic became easier after volunteers had been given large amounts of compounds found in chocolate, called flavanols, in a hot cocoa drink.

They were also less likely to feel tired or mentally drained, the findings, presented at the British Psychological Society annual conference in Brighton show.

Prof David Kennedy, director of the brain, performance and nutrition research centre at Northumbria University, and a co-author of the study, said that chocolate could be beneficial for mentally challenging tasks.

The findings suggest students who binge on chocolate when revising for exams may gain a real benefit from doing so.

“For things that are difficult to do, mentally demanding things that maybe crop up in your work it could help,” Prof Kennedy said.

The flavanols, part of a group of chemicals called polyphenols, work by increasing the flow…

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Hey, hey, so i was thinking. Maybe its just so all good to be good. Maybe u didnt have to make it to look real and just open your eyes to what u understood. U make me believe its all gonna be alright and yet…